Protos is seeking volunteers both in Austin and otherwise. Volunteering usually gets you a ticket or two to one or more events + a reference letter if your work is stellar! It also usually offers higher priority for internship consideration (credit from an accredited college can be applied if done on time - please ask first!) and higher priority consideration for paid positions
Protos is currently seeking these types of volunteers:
1) PRODUCTION JEDIS for week/day-of event assistance
2) PHOTO & VIDEO MAGICIANS for events and programs
3) A/V NINJAS for events
4) Online "street team" promo wizards who know digital and social like the back of their hand
5) Fundraising specialists with mid to high-level donor, sponsor and event experience [no beginners, please]
6) Those who can do all of the above or more - Email us!
To volunteer, please email your resume with "PROTOS 4 VOLUNTEER" + your speciality in the subject line to andria [at] protosfestival.com