PROTOS FESTIVAL is Austin's first nonprofit electronic arts festival and web series, showcasing art & technology since 2013. Founded by media artist, photographer, social entrepreneur and masters level psychology professional Andria Benet, the award-winning project showcases pioneering individuals and work at the intersection of art, technology and social good. Winning 'Best Inaugural Festival' in 2013 via the Austin Chronicle Critics Picks and recognized by critics for bringing a sense of "soul" and local accessibility to an Austin festival culture that seemed to be increasingly commercialized and distanced from or inaccessible to the local community, Protos aims to inspire a progressive movement of independent, creator-driven, culturally-rich and accessible media arts events in Texas's culturally diverse capitol city

PROGRAMS Protos programs are aimed at elevating pioneering creatives and communities within the electronic arts. From 2017-2018, Protos focuses primarily on multimedia exhibitions and community-baesd presentations. This includes but is not limited to performances, installations, presentations, pop-up galleries, expert panels, roundtables, demos, workshops and online features. Our events are opportunities for people interested in art, technology and social impact to come together, explore, network, build, share, collaborate, inspire and/or be inspired

HISTORY Protos means "first,". It is derived from the ancient Greek πρῶτος. Protos Festival is the first strictly electronic music and digital arts nonprofit festival in Austin. It is also the first woman-founded, woman-run nonprofit organization and electronic music/arts project of its kind in Austin and Central Texas [and possibly in the whole of Texas and the Southwest region]. 

Protos has been showcasing art and technology in Austin since 2013 under the executive and creative direction of its founder Andria Benet, a local multimedia artist, curator, speaker, global advisor and thought leader. Through Protos, Andria has curated events and programs focused on showcasing premier, pioneering and progressive work at the intersection of art, technology and social impact. 

PROTOS MEDIA ARTS is the new nonprofit organization producing Protos Festival and its live event series including performances, exhibitions and more; Protos TV, the web series highlighting individuals working at the forefront of innovation in their fields of art, tech and music; Protos Edu, community-based educational projects online and in the field; Protos Radio, including live event mixes, podcasts and radio shows; Protos Art + Tech Labs, which are primarily demos with short format workshops and/or presentations; and Austin Art + Tech aka ATXAT, a social/civic startup and meetup event series focused on community-based networking, panels, talks and more / Find Protos on the web @protosarts

AUDIENCE A diverse set of people come to Protos events and for a wide range of reasons. The Protos audience consists primarily of individuals landing somewhere along the spectrum of art + technology in their creative and/or professional lives. It often includes visiting artists from around the globe. Audience members and fans often report that they attend Protos events to learn, network, showcase, be involved in the community and to stimulate their creative lives * 

AFFILIATES Some of Protos' past partners and sponsors include Capital Factory, Alamo Drafthouse, SXSW, City of Austin Cultural Arts Division, Vulcan ATX, Red 7, North Door, Ethics Music Lounge, Rock N Roll, Switched On, Loudmouth, Soundcheck, Texas Pro DJ, Dub Academy, University of Texas Advanced Computing Center, UT Center for Arts and Entertainment Tech, The Long Center for Performing Arts and more. Founder Andria has represented Protos with UNESCO Creative Cities, IBM, SXSW, Austin Startup Grind, Nerd Night, Google Fiber, Americans for the Arts, National Arts Marketing Project, Austin's New Year, TechBreakfast, TechMap Cofounders and more. Protos is actively seeking sponsors for 2017-18

THANK YOU Protos is run by Austinite Andria Benet and supported in part by the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division Economic Development Department. Protos especially thanks those who provide key support and guidance as it continues growing into its unique role in Austin. Thank you to the artists and creatives who are the fabric of our programs. Thank you especially to our fans, who keep our programs, projects and events evolving and (for lack of a better word)... lit

*NOTE Most events and programs are open to the public. Some are all ages and/or family friendly. Others are 21+ only. All events are intended to be above -average in accessibility, especially for those with disabilities. Sometimes it is not possible to accommodate as well as we would like due to unexpected circumstances, such as a venue change. As an individual with permanent disaiblities, our founder is especially attuned and sensitive to special needs. Please email if reasonable accomodations are required, desired and/or simply suggested and we will do our very best to help in any way we can. We are seeking volunteers and sponsors to help us increase accessibility for our staff and audiences